Anedot optimizes the donation experience resulting in more donations for your organization. Serving millions of people through thousands of campaigns, ministries, schools, associations, and foundations since 2010, Anedot is focused on better fundraising and maximizing donations.

Fast Setup Start raising funds quickly. It's easy to signup and you don't need any third party accounts.
Friendly Service Our team is fast, friendly, and feels like working with friends. We're here to help if you need us.
Customizable Pages Our forms are beautiful. When you use your own brand and colors, they are powerful.
Optimized for All All donation forms are measured and tested to perform on any device for every user.

Better Fundraising for…


Associations, chapters, universities & schools


Hospitals, foundations, sports teams & for a cure


Faith-based, mission-driven churches & organizations


Political & public policy organizations

Non-Profits Welcome

Non-profit organizations are welcome!

Not for Retail

Our focus is fundraising, not business or retail.

Our Solution is…

  • Easy for any Donor
  • Adaptable to Your Needs
  • Unlimited Custom Forms
  • Powerful for Advanced Fundraising
  • Smart Post-Donation Upsells
  • Intelligent Donor Recovery
  • Robust for Detailed Reporting
  • Fast and Customizable Deposits
  • Built for Fundraisers
  • Built for Finance
  • Built for Compliance
  • Integrated with Aristotle
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Integrated with NationBuilder
  • Integrated with ISP and more!

No Commitment

4% of funds raised
30ยข per transaction

Everything you need included.
No 3rd party accounts or fees necessary.

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Anedot enables you to raise more money with less effort.

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